Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dog Treats


Get Naked® Digestive Health dental chew sticks & soft treats are specially formulated with a blend of dietary fibre, prebiotics, and naturally occurring live microorganisms (probiotics) to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Your dog will gain the stomach empowering benefits of Get Naked® Digestive Health chew sticks or treats, while enjoying the delicious flavour.

  • All Natural
  • Grain-Free
  • Added Ganaden BC30 Probiotics Support Healthy Digestion
  • Enhanced with FOS (a Prebiotic) from Chicory Root
  • High in Dietary Fiber
  • Low Fat and Low Calorie
  • Helps Reduce Plaque and Tartar During Chewing
  • Savory Chicken Flavour

Visit our MJM Pet's Dog Treats  page to view other quality pet products and suppliers.

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